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Things That Make One’s Heart Beat Faster.

Caffeine – That first cup of coffee in the early morning is a godsend.

A hot shower – Or an ice-cold one, I suppose, depending on a person’s preference.

Music composed by Hans Zimmer, particularly those pieces featured in the films that shaped Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy

Jaws – Need I say more?

An hour of heavy weight training

The arrival of a college acceptance letter

A 3-mile run – The endorphins feel amazing.

Your first roller coaster ride

Your second roller coaster ride

Scaling twelve flights of stairs to make it to class on time

A first kiss

A pair of strong arms enveloping me in a warm embrace

Waking up from a dream, and remembering every detail

His fingers trailing down my naked spine

The moment I realized I’d fallen in love with him


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