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Runkeeper: A Review

It seems that there are countless apps out there dedicated to promoting physical fitness (Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, etc.) Instead of an app, however, I want to let you know about a site that lets you keep track of your fitness goals.

Runkeeper is a fitness tracker I use personally whenever I go out for a walk or a run, and I like to say it’s a pretty decent one. It does come in app form (you can download it on your mobile device) but I prefer using the website when it comes to recording my daily exercise.

Though others may prefer something different, personally, I like keeping track of how much I run via laptop computer, separate from my phone, where I keep my workout playlists. That’s why the Runkeeper website works.

And why does it work? It’s simple, easy to use. You need to create an account first, which you can do with an email address or a Facebook account. Then you’re on your way to get tracking.

Like I mentioned previously, I use the site to keep track of how much I run, but there are so many other forms of exercise to choose from. You can ski, canoe, or do some yoga. Once you’ve established an account with Runkeeper, you can begin to add one activity after another.

One of the features of the Runkeeper website is that it can use your location to add a map of your workout. The site provides you with a map of the neighborhood you worked out in, or you can add a photo of the map yourself. I like the map feature on the website, simply because the app can be a little touchy. But that’s a personal preference.

Adding the details of your workout come after choosing the exercise and selecting a map. Select a date, time, and duration of the time that you exercised. Then all you have to do is click the “ENTER” or “LOG” button, and you’ve recorded your activity.

Runkeeper is something easy to use, whether you prefer the app or the website. If I could give it some sort of rating, I’d give it 4 stars.

Happy Friday, everyone. 🙂



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