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What Motivates You?

Yes, the question is open-ended. But that’s the point, my dear readers.  There’s more than one way to answer this question.

Motivation is a hard thing to acquire. Trust me. I know. I almost didn’t make it out on a run today because “I didn’t feel like it.” A sorry excuse to stay inside, I think.

It’s 69 degrees and sunny. A bit breezy, but what’s not to love?

Much to my relief, I got out of the apartment and kicked up my heels for a bit. And I felt so good afterwards—endorphins don’t suck, my friends—so I know I’ll be able to get myself back out there for a run or two in the near future.

Just from that, I guess you could say that the after-effects of running are part of the motivation for hitting the road in my New Balance shoes in the first place. For example, while I was getting ready earlier this afternoon, I had to seriously psych myself up for the runner’s high, even though it hadn’t hit me yet. I felt like I had to come up with some sort of payout (a non-monetary sort, you know) and even then, it was still hard. Really, really hard.

I used to run for looks. I hated my body in high school (I still do sometimes, but it doesn’t seem as severe) so I ran. All. The. Time. I felt like I had to look a certain way for anybody to like me, which was why I stopped eating and focused on what other people were going to see: my outsides.

It’s not so bad anymore, but sometimes I still catch myself wishing to be thinner, wishing to be a few pounds lighter. But now I run mostly for what’s inside, because I’d rather be healthy than thin. It’s hard to get out for a run at first—I’m too tired today, I’ll do it tomorrow—but once I’m out on the road, there’s nothing that feels better than that asphalt against the soles of my shoes.

But what about you, dear readers?  What motivates you to run?

P.S. – Happy Friday, everyone! 🙂


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