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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

I still feel rather preachy when I write and post about running on here, like I’m trying to convince everyone and their mother that running is the best activity ever and you should all just take 20 minutes and go do it right now! (And that’s without bringing up some of my favorite things about hitting the sidewalk with my New Balance’s.)

But now I have a short list of my favorite running things ranging from health benefits (score!) to shoes (double score!) and a photo of my favorite personal running gear to boot, so maybe I’ll feel more like a guru rather than just a blogger ranting about how much she likes to run.


1.) Running is Good for the Heart.

Ever wonder what you could do to reduce your risk of heart disease? According to K. Aleisha Fetters’ article from FitnessMagazine.com, “10 Benefits of Running That Make You Healthier (And Happier),” when it comes to cardio, running is king at cutting one’s risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Not only do I love the high during the run, but I also dig those aftereffects, like potentially living forever without a medical wrench thrown into the mix.


2.) Running is the New Meditation.

I’ve tried meditating before—sitting in a room, trying to quiet my mind after one of those super stressful days. Sometimes it would work, other times I wouldn’t be able to sit still for the life of me. On the restless days I went out for a run instead, and even after maybe 10 minutes, I already felt calmer; I could stop and think without my thoughts becoming this jumbled up mess in my head. It was nice to find another way to unwind without having to sit still.


3.) The Shoes, Though…

You can’t go running in the same pair of shoes forever, no matter how badly you might want to. I mean, I’ve had shoes that have been on my feet for so long, they’ve basically become a new addition to my body. Besides, there are so many brands of running shoes out there, and so many colors! (Yes, the colors!) Like I mentioned before, I’m a New Balance girl, but you’ve also got a selection of Nike, Adidas, Mizuno, and Asics, just to name a few…


4.) Save Your Joints!

Anybody ever told you that running was bad for your knees? Never fear. In the article, “6 Ways Running Improves Your Health,” Jennifer Van Allen writes for RunnersWorld.com that running actually strengthens your knees and improves their overall health, along with your bones and other joints, too. I’m glad I did my research on this back when I started running, rather than just listening to what other people thought they knew to be fact. It pays to look up what you don’t know.


5.) You can do it literally ANYWHERE!

This, I have to say, however, is fact. You can run anywhere. Just the other day I rode the train home from downtown after taking a summer class in the afternoon and had the sudden urge to just… run. So I did, from the train station to my apartment. I didn’t have anything on me apart from my schoolbag (and even that only held a couple of notebooks and a pen or two) so the load on my back was light. It just goes to show that if you have the mindset, you can literally do anything. So if you want to run… why not run?

Happy Friday, all! 🙂


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