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The Intro of All Intros

I wanted to create some sort of witty tagline for this thing that wouldn’t sound as cheesy as the box of Velveeta on the top shelf of my refrigerator.  It’s not exactly there yet, as I keep making a face at every word that comes out of my mouth, but it’ll get there.  Eventually.  I hope.

At any rate, Happy Friday, everybody!  For those who write, who run, or, heck, do both (I tip my hat to you, friend) welcome to the blog!  I’m so excited you stopped by.  Perhaps you were curious as to what a runner could ever write about, or maybe you just wanted to stop and stare at the photo of the lakeshore I snapped a short while ago. (I don’t blame you for that, actually; it’s a pretty decent shot of the beach.)  But if you came here to read, well, then you best prepare yourselves.  Because this runner can really write.

There will be personal stories and articles with intertwining themes of Struggle vs. Persistence, Mind vs. Muscle, Storyline vs. Special Effects.  (Don’t worry, I’m just making up that last one; what am I, a Zack Snyder movie?)  But there will (hopefully) be a post or a story that grabs you, has you coming back for more.  That’s sort of the goal with this thing, anyway.

Why write, though?  And why write about running?  Running isn’t fun, you might say.  You are not wrong, per se, because an opinion is an opinion.  And that’s okay.  My thoughts, however, differ from yours in the fact that I believe running is fun.  Just think about it for a second:  your body is this machine with the ability to carry you up hills and down streets and over the dog crap in the middle of the sidewalk that some loser forgot to pick up with his little, plastic baggy.  The endorphins don’t suck, either.  It’s like any other sort of exercise:  Running makes you feel good.  Sometimes invincible.  Sometimes like death.  But most of the time, invincible.

And I suppose, for right now, that’s the post!  Rather short, but there will be more to come.  Trust me.  Here are a couple of links to the Twitter and the Facebook if you’re interested enough to look for more of me.  And, for your viewing pleasure, happy running, everybody.  🙂


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